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Variety detailed Nebraska Coast Connection. Click here for more.

Monday is the October Salon with CBS Exec Producer JJ Jurgens & Promo Panel

Monday, October 8th, 2012
Hollywood Salon
Our Special Guest:
CBS-TV Exec Producer JJ Jurgens
plus an All-Star Panel of CBS Promo Producers/Editors


You want to get into television at the network level?  Want to learn how to market and write and edit trailers and promos?  Do voiceover? Your Home Sweet Home in Hollywood on October 8th will have just what you’re looking for…

JJOctober’s Hollywood Salon will bring together several old friends of the NCC. They actually all got their starts at CBS through the Salon…

Jami “J.J.” Jurgens came to Hollywood after being a basketball star at the University of Nebraska. Following a dream to pursue acting, she made her first stop the Nebraska Coast Connection. At the Salon, an opportunity at CBS came up, and a career was born.

After that first gig on promos for CBS’s BIG BROTHER, she worked her way up through post-production to write, produce and edit promos for many CBS shows, including NCIS:LA, THE AMAZING RACE, MEDIUM, THE YOUNG AND RESTLESS and PRICE IS RIGHT. J.J. is now the new Executive Producer of Daytime for CBS On-Air Promo.  She is also a voiceover actor (see her long list of credits at jjvo.com) and host of AfterBuzz TV shows.

Whether you want to pursue voiceover, editing, or management in broadcasting, you won’t want to miss this Salon!  Joining JJ at the Salon on our panel of CBS Promo people (yes, Nebraskans are taking over CBS!):

Jamie Ball (Grand Island) has been making short films and music videos since 1997 and began using professional editing software in 2001. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelors degree in Cinema before moving to LA in 2008. She now works at CBS International Promo as a producer/editor assistant.
Cullen Wright (Kearney) has been writing and directing shorts, commercials, and music videos for the past 5 years.  He is a partner in Cypress House Productions.  For the past two summers on BIG BROTHER, he drove and managed  the 24 hour record system and pulled the clips for the writer/producers to edit their promos.
Todd Nelson (Holdrege) is our own NCC Founder.  His company, Braska Films, makes all the promos for CBS-TV International.  He’s been a Exec and Producer/Director working in Hollywood at networks and studios since 1984.

Hope to see you Monday, October 8th at the Culver!

Nebraska Coast Connection presents The Hollywood Salon at The Culver Hotel in Culver City…Where Glamorous Nebraska Meets Down-Home Hollywood.