Monday’s Salon: Patrick Wilkins and HEARTLAND sneak preview

Monday, November 12th, 2012
Hollywood Salon
Our Special Guests:  
Co-Producer Patrick Wilkins, Director Erica Tremblay and Producer Bernard Parham with the special screening of a very moving documentary, HEARTLAND


Monday’s Salon will knock your socks off.  Literally.  Just like the tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri last year.  

Be prepared for an evening that will move you to tears and give you a strong dose of just what the power of film can really do.  We all know about tornadoes in the Midwest, and we all know the resilience of small town folks, but you ain’t seen nothing till you see this film.

At the November Salon, the NCC is proud to present the world-premiere sneak-preview of HEARTLAND, the Joplin Tornado Documentary, co-produced by our own Patrick Wilkins.

Regulars at our Salons know Patrick Wilkins as an actor. His face pops up often on commercials, for Google, Hyundai, Comcast, Bud Light, and the infamous Super Bowl M&Ms spots, among many more. (See his website here). 

Pat grew up in Lincoln, attended UNL and the National Shakespeare Conservatory in NYC before landing in LA. He’s been making it as a successful actor here for 20 years.

But lately, Pat’s been wearing a different hat, trying his hand at Co-Producing a documentary. And it is in this capacity that he joins us at the November Salon, along with the film’s director, Erica Tremblay and producer, Bernard Parham. (Erica grew up near Joplin, but called Lincoln home for four years, and other Nebraskans worked on the film as well).  We are thrilled to host the sneak preview of their film, HEARTLAND, about the heart-warming aftermath of the tornado that nearly destroyed Joplin, Missouri in 2011.

HEARTLAND chronicles the efforts of one woman as she sets out to collect and return thousands of photos displaced by the tornado. In some cases, these photos represent all that is left from life before the storm. Using home movie footage, police dispatch, news broadcasts and footage shot within weeks after the storm, HEARTLAND tells a story of survival and nostalgia. The film’s website has a trailer, press and more.

HEARTLAND is a reminder to us all that we should never lose sight of what is truly important in life. You can build a new house, you can buy a new car, you can buy new clothes but you can’t get your memories back once they are gone. HEARTLAND will be premiering at the St. Louis Film Festival on Wednesday, but we’ll be seeing it at the Salon on Monday night!

Don’t miss the chance to see this remarkable and moving film, along with Pat and the other filmmakers. It’s going to be a Salon people will be talking about for years to come.

Hope to see you Monday, November 12th at the Culver.  

Come early, as the hour-long film will be starting right after the Show-and-Tell at 8:30 so we’ll have time for a Q&A afterward.
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