Monday’s Salon: NASA Scientist, Meteorites, Space Shuttle and more…

Monday, March 11th, 2013
Hollywood Salon
Special Guest:  Space Scientist Dr Randii Wessen from JPL

Monday night’s Salon is going to be really unique…DR RANDII WESSEN from the Jet Propulsion Lab will give us a rundown on the future of US Space Exploration.  

We’ve had stars with their Oscars and Emmys at the Salon, but have you ever held a real meteorite?  How about a piece of the Space Shuttle or a rare glass map of the Universe?  You’ll have your chance tomorrow night…

Also, DEIDRE BACKS will also be on hand to give us the latest news from the set of ALEXANDER PAYNE’S “NEBRASKA” now in post production.

Dr. Wessen is a space science engineer who works with the stars.  And planets.  And galaxies.

During his 20 years with the California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he’s worked on the most important missions of our times – the Mars Rovers, Odyssey, Cassini, Galileo and Voyager — that have explored Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and continue to reach beyond our solar system.

He consults for the National Academy of Sciences as part of their science and entertainment exchange, with the goal to put writers, directors and producers in contact with world class scientists and engineers.  Many film producers and studios (Disney, Marvel, Bruckheimer, Zucker, Mann and many more) use his expertise to make their projects more scientifically accurate.Randii co-authored the book “Neptune: the Planet, Rings and Satellites” and was the recipient of NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal for his contributions to the Voyager 2 Neptune Encounter. He also has six NASA Group Achievement Awards and is a fellow of both the Royal Astronomical Society and the British Interplanetary Society.He is the first Salon guest we’ve ever had who has his own asteroid:  Asteroid 31664 (Randiiwessen) is named in his honor!

Come to this Salon and meet a true interplanetary pioneer who is not only infinitely entertaining but can help you make your next project really…Far Out.

Hope to see you Monday, March 11th at the Culver.







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