Jan 13th is the first Salon of 2014!  And it’s the one where YOU get to show us what you got…


Yep, it’s the return of SALONFEST: THE THREE MINUTE FILM FESTIVAL, our ever-popular NCC mini-film festival! This is where we will show 3 minutes of anything you want to showcase. Up on the Big Screen.

Cue up your latest short, or your reel, or anything you helped to create on DVD, and we’ll show 3 minutes of it at the January Salon. You’ll get a minute to tell us about it, before or after. (Got something longer? Barter with others to share your time…)

It will be an eclectic and fast-paced evening…no telling what surprises we will be seeing.  Come show off. Come to see what your friends have been creating. Come see the latest Hollywood masterpiece-in-the-making. SALONFEST is always one of the most fun Salons of the year. We’ll have the popcorn ready.

See you Monday, January 13th!  Salons are a great way to network, catch up with old friends and new ones, and have a taste of home in Hollywood.

Nebraska Coast Connection presents The Hollywood Salon…Where Glamorous Nebraska Meets Down-Home Hollywood.


Champions are the lifeblood of the NCC. The folks who donate their time or money to keep us going. The NCC is an all-volunteer group, and we can’t do it without you. We have a new program to reward our Champions with cool stuff, discounts and other thank-yous. Join now, and you’ll be eligible for Champion status for all of 2014!

Can you make the NCC one of your causes to support? There are several levels of Champion benefits – find the lone that works for you. If you can’t swing it financially, we always need help to set-up and clean-up at Salons, and there are many other volunteer jobs to help with also. Let us know how you want to pitch in.

See the CHAMPIONS section of our new website to learn how you can be a part of it.  And THANKS for supporting us however you can!